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Symetra is a visionary card game where players battle for the opportunity to join Symetra, an ascended being who travels worlds, in battling a high tech evil on her home planet of Orbworld. To prove their worth the challengers must show their skill in wielding Symetra's reality-shaping interfaces that give the user access to the different elements, emotions and energies of the cosmos at a quantum level.

The challengers must maximize their energy, represented by their unique colour of glass beads, by fusing, combining and charging cards in the matrix. Once cards are energized in the matrix players can use their unique actions to shape their victory. The player with the most actual energy at the end of the game wins.

Symetra has many different play modes including short and long games, teams, draft, tournament, solitaire and oracle.

Symetra includes 60 unique hexagon-shaped cards, 300 glass beads (6 different coloured sets of 50 beads each) and a detailed rulebook.

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