Brad Finlayson's Symetra | Game Point Sechelt BC


SHAPE YOUR FATE by using a MATRIX of hi-tech hexagonal CARDS that give you the power to control the ELEMENTS, EMOTIONS, and ENERGIES of the Cosmos!

CHARGE your CARDS with your distinct color of ENERGY, represented by beautiful GLASS BEADS. You have two pools of ENERGY: ACTUAL ENERGY you possess, and POTENTIAL ENERGY you could acquire. To win, have the most ACTUAL ENERGY at the end of the game.

ACTUALIZE your POTENTIAL ENERGY by creatively combining your cards’ unique effects to SHAPE YOUR FATE, and ultimately that of your opponents!


SYMETRA is fun for both casual and competitive players with many game modes including teams, drafting, tournaments, short or long games, solitaire, and oracle!
No two games are ever alike!



SYMETRA combines card placement, resource management,

long-term strategic planning, and reactionary tactical timing into

an original and enlightening gaming experience!


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There are two versions of the Symetra deck, a card game using glass beads, and an oracle deck that can be used for inspirational readings.

Interested in how Symetra plays? Check out the rule book:

Symetra Game Rulebook Aug2014

Already have Symetra and want to print off some 8.5×11″, color-light playmats? Here they are:

Symetra Playmat