Rent a Movie at Game Point

Rent a Movie in Sechelt

Game Point came from Sid’s Vids closing down in Wilson Creek. That video store had been in business for over 30 years and had amassed over 30,000 discs before closing down in the summer of 2017. To keep the tradition going, we kept all the best movies and series of all time and made them available for rent or sale in our highly curated collection.

GAME POINT Movie Rental Details

Rentals (taxes included):

1-Day New Release = $6
7-Day Catalogue = $4 or 5 for $15
14-Day TV Series = $10


Monday is 2 for 1 rentals, and any day of the week, if you rent two 7-day movies, you can bring them back during the week and trade them for half price for other 7-Day movies.

Sales (taxes additional)

Toonie Bin $2
Bulk DVDs $3 to $5 (the more you buy the cheaper they get)
Bulk BluRays $4 to $8 (the more you buy the cheaper they get)