Events at Game Point


* PLEASE NOTE masks are required for in-store events. Vaccine passports are not required as our maximum capacity is 32 people, and the minimum required to check for indoor events is 50 people) *

Everyday all day is Open Gaming.

Sunday 12-4pm is New Releases
Sunday 4-8pm is Board Games
Monday 12-7pm is Game Point Games
Monday 5-7pm is Street Fighter V & Smash Brothers
Tuesday 12-8pm is Card Games (Magic, Pokemon, Keyforge)
Wednesday 5-9pm is Miniature / War Games & Painting (Warhammer, X-Wing)
Thursday 5-10pm is Role Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons)
Friday 7-11pm is Friday Night Magic
Saturday 12-4pm is Family / Educational / Trivia / Puzzle Games
Saturday 4-8pm is Magic Standard Showdown