Wizard's Wardrobe Base Game

The Wizard’s WARdrobe base game comes with a bit of everything, including general wizard’s cloths, iconic magic user gear, and an outfit for each of the elementalists and priests. However, a Wizard’s WARdrobe is always growing, and we have expansion sets already planned! Each expansion will be a preset booster of mostly new cards with a some extra copies of favourites to bolster your game. Some of the expansions are: Witch vs Warrior, Biomancer vs Necromancer, Loot of Legends, the Quasi-elemental set, and the party pack Magician vs Clown! Check out the Expansions here

There are 6 schools of magic in Wizard’s WARdrobe: Fire (orange), Water (blue), Earth (green), Air (grey), Dark (black) and Light (white). Each magic type has a unique repertoire of offensive and defensive spells, and a set of items that helps the wizard cast those spells and power them up.

Check out more cards on the Expansions page here!