Wizard's Wardrobe

Wizard's Wardrobe | Game Point Sechelt

In Wizard’s WARdrobe, you take the role of an apprentice wizard who has busted into the Grand Wizard’s epic WARdrobe to battle other wizards, free-for-all or in teams, for magical loot! Wizard’s WARdrobe is for 1-4 players, with each game lasting 5-20 minutes per player.

Wizard’s WARdrobe also has a co-op mode, with a single 25-card expansion, where 1-4 players gear up to go rescue the missing Grand Wizard, and a solitaire mode where the Grand Wizard returns from his quest to find you rummaging through his things and you must defend yourself from his wrath.

Wizard’s WARdrobe is quick to set up and easy to learn: the game pieces laid out almost teach the game itself. It is fast-paced (you can start spell slinging right off the bat) yet highly strategic (with dozens of spells and 8 WARdrobe piles to choose equipment from, there are many lines of play). This makes each game unique and exciting, so Gear Up & Throw Down in Wizard’s WARdrobe!

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In Wizard’s WARdrobe you start with 100 Hit Points (HP), two learned spells in hand (chosen from 3), and a wizard inventory playmat with 8 colour & number-coded body locations for items. You can have one item in each slot: 2 feet, 2 body, 2 hands, & 1 head, but you can have as many accessories, trinkets or familiars, as you want. During your turn you allocate 3 actions to cast spells, use items, and grab items from the 8 face-up WARdrobe piles. The more powerful the effect, the more actions it costs, so keep an eye out for boots and familiars that can give you extra actions.

Gear Up! The more items you are wearing, the harder you are to hit. The innovative hit roll system supports the theme nicely: When a wizard deals damage to other wizards, they roll an 8-sided hit die and refer to the hit location on each affected players’ playmat. If the wizard has an item in that location, it is moved to the junk pile and no damage is dealt. If the wizard does not have an item in that location, then the damage is rolled and subtracted from that wizard’s HP.

Throw Down! There is a vast repertoire of offensive and defensive effects in the base game (over 200 cards, Base Game Info), with more to come in the preset expansion boosters (Expansions Info) Once your wizard is suited up with synergetic buffs, you are ready to use your spells and items to attack your opponents and defend yourself. The last wizard standing wins!

Battling with no single player elimination! When a wizard reaches 0 HP they die, but if there is more than 1 wizard left they become a vengeful spirit! In spirit form a wizard does not have their body and items (which the others wizards can now loot), but gains the ability to learn many spells. Once they know a healing spell, or another wizard heals them, they can rise from the dead more powerful than one could ever imagine!

Download the Wizards WARdrobe Rules now and see how the game works!
(Please note that this rule book has not been updated with the new card illustrations.
The rules are 99.9% the same, just some of the iconography may not match.)