Who is Symetra?

Who is Symetra?

Learn about the origin and history of the ascended being Symetra, who is the namesake of Game Point’s strategy card game. Find out about Symetra’s home planet Orbworld, what her powerful deck of cards is, and why she needs your help to battle a great evil using this reality-shaping technology.

The first part is an excerpt from the rule book and the second part is a piece I sent to the cover artist Chris Rallis (rallisart.com) to flesh out the Symetra character.

Part 1: Symetra Intro (rule book excerpt)

Greetings Earth being, my name is Symetra. I was born on your world during the times of Ancient Egypt, and now travel the multiverse through means of technology and magic. During my explorations I have acquired many extraordinary artifacts, and I have come here today to share one of them with you.

Shortly after I left Earth, I encountered a device capable of replicating small objects, no matter how complex or magical. This replication box has served myself and others well, and has allowed me to gift many unique and powerful items.

Later, on my new home planet of Orbworld, I discovered a hexagon-shaped computer card. This device, with the energy and intention of a sentient being, taps into the quantum mechanics of a particular element, emotion or energy. Whatever frequency it is tuned in to, it gives the user supreme perception of, and control over, that force within a certain range of space and time.

As powerful as this reality-shaping interface is, it is limited to accessing and manipulating only one aspect at a time. I have begun using the replicator to make copies of them so that one may create a matrix of cards, allowing them to access and combine multiple elements, emotions and energies at one time.

I started duplicating just in time, as these cards are one of the few things that can combat a great evil on Orbworld who abuses similar technology. It also turns out that beings originally from Earth are resistant to their version of the technology, so I have returned to find champions for my team, who will receive a deck of their own and travel with me to Orbworld to protect its citizens.

I have preset this deck to some of the most common elements, emotions and energies found on Orbworld. Now show me your skill at wielding them and earn the opportunity to Shape your Fate!

Part 2: Symetra History (character background sent to artist Chris Rallis)

When the great city-ship Atlantis sank, the few that survived escaped to other civilizations, bringing their magic and technology to less advanced cultures. South America, Hawaii, India and my home, Egypt were some of the main pilgrimage points. My people traded our technology and guidance for the devotion and servitude of the local people, who were happy to treat us as Gods.

I was born slightly after my father arrived at the nile, where he was instrumental in engineering the empire. He chose the most beautiful and genetically advanced human for a bride and my mother. At birth I was given 2 lion cubs, who I grew up with, played with, rode on, hunted with, traveled with and ultimately ascended with. These lions gave birth to their family, and all of us still live and travel together to this day.

What I really loved to do was travel, and I was good at it. Whether it was accompanying my father on engineering or ambassadorial tours, collecting mysterious art and artifacts, or traveling out of my body to the astral planes and beyond, my parents couldn’t keep me still. At a very young age I showed an eagerness and aptitude to dream, explore and get along with the beings I met along the way. My psychic abilities were far stronger than average, even for my people, who cultivated these talents genetically and with methodical practice for many generations. Before long my father was forced to enter me into the priesthood to develop my skills further under the tutelage of those who had devoted their life to mastering these abilities.

I moved through the initiations faster than any priestess ever had, and before long they allowed me use of the pyramids for ritual soul travel. By leaving ones body in the antechamber of the pyramid, the soul would be shot out the top of the pyramid like a laser beam to another star system. This allowed one to travel much further distances than normal out of body exploration and visit unimaginable worlds. Once visited, one could teleport back to a location, while out of body without using the pyramids, by just focusing on their memory of the place.

After my ascension I settled on Orbworld as it is the greatest sandbox I had ever experienced. Orbworld is an immense sphere surrounding a pulsating inner sun with many natural & artificial planets and moons orbiting in the space between. Orbworld is made out of meta-matter, which is thought-sensitive, and one can shape their surroundings with will power alone. Inhabitants of Orbworld collect orbs of various elements, emotions and energies that they have an affinity with. These orbs orbit around a being and are shaped into items, clothes, weapons, armor, vehicles, buildings and whatever else they imagine.

Orbworld has a quietness and stillness not found in any other world. In the regions of untouched, pure meta-matter, you know that no one has even thought there, let alone been there. Much of it is still unexplored, and the technology on the planet allows for any idea or object from any mind or world to be manifest in reality. Orbworld has the potential of all worlds in one world. This attracts many visitors from all over the universe who wish to discover and create without limit.

On Orbworld, most beings are quite psychically and spiritually advanced. They are aware of and operate in many dimensions from the solid material world to the malleable spiritual realms. With most residents being telepathic and empathic, almost all conversations are carried out silently and peacefully on the innernet with great depth of understanding. The beautiful silence interrupted for singing, yelling, laughing, crying or addressing large groups not telepathically linked.

Recently the silence has been broken by the cries of war. A technologically advanced tribe has emerged and is wiping out entire tribes just to sap their energy and steal their technology and magic items. Their terrifying weapons are capable of warping the laws of physics at the quantum level. They are quite literally ‘deleting’ their targets without remorse and their assaults are increasing in frequency.

Luckily, the computer card I acquired during my travels operates at the same level as their technology and is able to combat their tactics. I have been making copies of these devices and arming people with them. I have also discovered that beings from Earth are resistant to their reality altering technology, which is why I have returned to Earth: to find the best psychic warriors on the planet and bring them back to Orbworld to fight by my side.

What do I offer in return? I offer you access to magic and technology beyond your wildest dreams, training in the mystical arts, and a chance to save millions of lives from certain doom. Ultimately, the greatest adventure of your life!