Terminal City Tabletop Convention 2019

Terminal City Tabletop Convention 2019

Game Point was at Terminal City Tabletop Convention 2019 (as we are every year) showcasing the latest version of Wizard’s WARdrobe, including the co-op mode, for the impending Kickstarter launch later this year. Check out some of the action, including a new, permanent modification inspired by one of the players!

Two dads and their sons had an awesome battle! The boy in the green had both Fire and Earth spells, and then found BOTH ORBS which double the power of those spells. He quickly became the target, and many players died and came back to life over the course of the WARdrobe.

The game started free-for-all, but as the game progressed, alliances were proposed and broken. The Fire/Earth mage overcame the strong opposition to claim the win, but not before his uncle cemented himself as his teammate and tagged along for the win!

The guys from Chicken Heist couldn’t resist trying Wizard’s WARdrobe. We had quite a battle, and you should check out Chicken Heist, it looks hilarious!

Here we have the classic Girls vs Boys battle with the wives vs the husbands. The ladies got out to a great start with a turn 1 Erode to destroy a random item, which is not so random when her target only had an item or two. Eventually the guys caught on and spent a few turns dressing up to diffuse the effectiveness of Erode.

The guys making an attack, taking out a key item. Both of the men died multiple times, but worked well as a team and crawled their way back to a last minute victory fresh from the grave!

The woman in the glasses had an idea that the 2 opening spells could be redrawn to get better spells, or spells that the player would like more. We had tried starting with 3 spells before but felt it was too much, both in options of using actions, and also we want it to be challenging to get the right equipment for your spells, but if you had 3, it would be too easy as half the buff items could potentially apply to you.

However, sometimes players did get bunk opening hands. Things like 2 healing or defensive spells that weren’t useful until much later, or 2 spells that cost 3 actions, making it unlikely that the player would have a chance to use both spells in one turn. This made me want to find a solution, but shuffling and redrawing a whole new hand took long, and didn’t necessarily fix the problem, as there is still the chance to get 2 spells that didn’t synergize.

So what I came up with, that we implemented immediately, and worked amazing since, in the convention and office playtests was this: each player gets 3 learned spells to start, but must put one back. The spells tossed would then get shuffled back into the deck in one go. This has worked amazingly, preventing lame hands from occurring, and giving players a chance to customize their hand, and craft their strategies… after all, I’m sure an apprentice wizard would get some say in the spells they were taught right?

Thanks to everyone who came out to TCTC, especially the organizers and volunteers, it just keeps getting better every year. And a special thanks to all those who played Wizard’s WARdrobe, we all had a blast and got some great feedback to be implemented.

Expect more Wizard’s WARdrobe news as we prepare for our Kickstarter later in 2020. Until then, Gear Up & Throw Down!