GottaCon 2015

GottaCon 2015

Game Point was at GottaCon gaming convention 2015 in Victoria, British Columbia. The convention is the biggest game-only con in BC with its attendance steadily rising by 50%+ each year! This was Game Point’s 2nd year at the con and we followed up with the final version of Symetra from the prototype we had last year, and a new prototype: Wizard’s WARdrobe.

Our booth was full all weekend with players returning for multiple games and to try both games. The reception was great as pretty much everyone who played both games loved them to bits!

Symetra’s bright colours and unique play style attracted eyes to the table and many dove in to shape their fate. The best news of all was hearing about people who bought the unfinished and expensive prototype last year and play it all the time! This is about best thing an artist could hear about their creation.

Our new prototype (and only copy currently in existence) of Wizard’s WARdrobe was received with much enthusiasm and excitement including people wanting to back the crowdfunding campaign already! Unfortunately this won’t be ready until later this year. Every game that was played was a blast and most came right down to the wire, with all players being within a turn of defeat, or an exciting hit roll with a 1 in 8 chance of landing for the win! We also got some great feedback from the demos which we immediately implemented. This were all minor so a prototype reprint is not necessary … yet.

As usual, I mostly get skunked while playing and talking about my games at the same time. Quite often I would make sure my opponents saw their best line of play while missing mine! The players love being able to tell the story of beating the designer at their own game and it’s great fun.

Game Point will have Symetra and Wizard’s WARdrobe at Terminal City Tabletop Convention March 14th & 15th at the Bonsor Recreation Center.

See you there for more fun and games!